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3 stars (good)


Έκδοση: 2.5 Freeware

Κατασκευαστής: Ed Halley

Κατηγορία: Screen Magnifiers

Αναπηρία: Low Vision


Dragnifier is a simple screen magnifier with limited settings. It works like a magnifying lens that can change the window of a square to circle. This window disappears when the user presses a key from the mouse.

Λειτουργικό σύστημα: Windows 2000, XP

Οδηγίες εγκατάστασης: You do not need installation. Unzip the file and run Dragnifier.exe every time you want to use the software.

Ρυθμίσεις: The settings can be done by right-clicking the icon appearing in Windows system tray (Notification Area). Scale Factor: 2x-8x, Refresh Time: No, Negative Colors: No, Display Grid: No, Move window: Auto. 

Κατέβασμα αρχείου: (0.08 MB)

Εναλλακτική ιστοσελίδα λήψης:

Τελευταία ενημέρωση: 17/09/11 12:52


  • Johannes Hochmuth @ 11/07/11 17:48
    the operating system i use is windows xp and it works good. i think it is a usefull tool.

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