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Έκδοση: 3.5 Freeware and Open source

Κατασκευαστής: DAISY Consortium

Κατηγορία: DAISY - Document Accessibility

Αναπηρία: Motor Disability - Dyslexia


The Obi is a software tool for the production of  DAISY 3 documents (officially, the ANSI/NISO Z39.86 Specifications for the Digital Talking Book). It enables individual DAISY end users with a minimal amount of training to produce rich, yet accessible DAISY content. It is an audio recording tool for producing DAISY audio books. Support for audio-only book editing with a table of contents, this means NCX-only DTBs. Support for uncompressed RIFF/WAVE audio format during production and support for exporting DAISY book in .MP3 format for distribution. It has a full accessibility (keyboard navigation, support for screen readers). 

Λειτουργικό σύστημα: Windows XP (SP2 and later), Vista, 7, 8

Οδηγίες εγκατάστασης: Download and run the file Obi 3.5.  It requires Direct X 9.0c installed, otherwise it prompts you to install it. 

Ρυθμίσεις: On the tag Tools, Preferences you can be configure: (a) the path of your work, (b) the input source of the audio and the output device of the audio. On the tag Tools, Export as Daisy, you can export your work as Daisy. On the tag Transport, Record, you can start recording the sound.

User Manual: ObiManual.  

Κατέβασμα αρχείου: (< 1 MB)

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Τελευταία ενημέρωση: 28/09/15 21:13


  • New version 2.5 @ 2013-01-31 17:23:31
    The new features and enhancements are described in
  • Version 3.5 @ 2014-11-11 02:21:27
    The program has been upgraded since version 2.4 to newer version 3.5


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