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Hotkeycontrol XP

1 star (bad)


Έκδοση: 7.0 Freeware

Κατασκευαστής: InchWest

Κατηγορία: Keyboard Shortcuts

Αναπηρία: Motor Disability - Low Vision - Blindness


Hotkeycontrol XP allows the user, with the help of keyboard shortcuts, make the computer actions such as opening files, restart the computer and manage the Windows Media Player and Winamp 3. It canrunup to50programsoropenWeb Pages, files, folders viahotkeys. You can havecontrol overactivewindows-hide/show, orcloseawindow.

Λειτουργικό σύστημα: Windows XP

Οδηγίες εγκατάστασης: Run the file hkcontrol.exe generated by unpacking the file

Ρυθμίσεις: Do a right-click on the program icon located in the Windows tray (Notification Area) and selecting Configure hotkeys opens the application window from which it can determine all the keyboard shortcuts.

Κατέβασμα αρχείου: (0.62 MB)

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